Tuesday, March 27, 2012

* Random Spark * -- Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Figment.com is an excellent site to spark your writing skills and get your creative juices flowing! Jumping into your manuscript where you left off the day before can work well if that is your style, however, like athletes I prefer to warm-up.  Hence, Figment.

Recently, I tweeted that I would take on the challenge to enter each and every writing contest Figment posted. While I haven't succeeded in ALL of them, I do find myself at the very least, attempting to enter each one. Now I receive an email every day with a different type of writing prompt; sometimes from Judy Blume, other times from Figment or from journalist Douglas McGray (@dougmcgray).  Some of these daily writing prompts really hit home and I can explore my writing capabilities, crossing boundaries and taking risks unknown to me. Simply put, it expands my writing circle far beyond the children's arena that I'm so comfortable in. Other times, they are more challenging, but the outcome is always something unique.

And gets me in the zone. Perfect.

Now I'm warmed up, and ready to roll!

While you can find (and follow) me on Figment, feel free to stop by here as I will be posting my Daily Figment Themes as much as possible. Comments are always welcome!  For writers of any genre that have not yet joined, I highly recommend it!

News: Figment.com recently welcomed the members of inkpop.com to the Figment community.  Founded by HarperCollins and similar to Figment, InkPop encourages members to comment on other writer's short stories, poems, etc.  According to Figment, HarperCollins will also continue to its search for great stories and host contests for publication consideration.  Exciting things to come!

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  1. I like the idea of regular challenges. I really need to explore Figment more. I've been a stalker on InkPop for some time. I just joined Figment when they merged.

    Thanks for sharing.