Writer Resources

Here are some links you may want to check out!  Be sure to also check out the blogs I follow for more information regarding anything and everything you've wanted to know about writing, authors and the industry.

Think you're ready to submit your picture book? STOP!! Ask yourselves these questions first:
Picture Book Questions Prior To Submission

Agents/Publisher Lists (For these, make sure to perform your own research to ensure the agents and editors you query are relevant to your manuscript)
PB Agents

A Listing of Small Independent Presses:

Publishing Companies (Smaller & Major)
101 on Writing Query Letters

Articles All Writers Should Read:
Do's and Dont's of Submitting to a Literary Agent
Rhyming Picture Books - Ins and Outs
How to Navigate a Changing Business? Children's Agents Shed Some Light 

Get Involved! How?

*Start a blog! This way you have an online presence for agents and editors, but mainly for yourself and honing your writing.
*Join Twitter -- follow agents, editors, authors, fellow writers (and a few celebrities if you want!)
*Join Facebook -- find writers, favorite authors, publishing houses, etc. and receive up-to-date announcements on events, contests, giveaways, book tours, etc.
*Join LinkedIn and become part of the book publishing community, ebooks, children's writers group, etc. The more connections and relationships you foster, the more you learn about the growing industry. Networking is key!

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