Sunday, August 18, 2013

Get Your 4 Minutes of (Literary) Fame -- Now!

**Spark of the month** --- * .... The 4 Minutes of (Literary) Fame

Recently, my friends and fellow writers, Kym Brunner and Cherie Colyer sat down and discussed setting up an event where aspiring and published authors could come together and share their works at an open-mic sort of night. 

Want to join in on the fun?


1) Join us at a local pub (live in the vicinity of northwest suburbs of IL? Then join in!), grab some drinks and a few delicious appetizers (I recommend the sushi!), and bring along your favorite, pre-published or published work to share.
2) Sign up in advance to obtain one or all of the following:

  • Reading pages from your story/book
  • Sharing your book trailer
  • Showing illustrations you've drawn (I write pictures books, so I always enjoy seeing the art!)
  • Revealing your book cover
  • Some other creative expression of your children's book lit book

3) Extend the invitation to your friends, family, dog, cat (okay, maybe not your pets...) but anyone who might find this interesting and fun is welcome to join!
4) Finito! You're ready for a night of literary fun! And some recognized fame...!


WHO: Any traditionally published, self-published or want-to-be published author or poet

WHAT: A good time of literary FUN!

HOW: PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE! To be one of the stand-up authors SIGN UP HERE. We're limiting this first stand-up literary event to the first 15 authors who sign-up -- but we are definitely planning on setting up more of these events in the future! Nervous to present? Not ready to present? That's okay! Come out anyway and cheer on your fellow writers!

WHEN: Monday, October 21st, 2013  @ 7PM 

WHERE: Tokio Pub, 1900 W. Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL  (

COST: Free! (although, we're hoping attendees buy a drink/app to thank Tokio Pub for hosting us!)

Hosted by: Kym Brunner ( // Cherie Colyer  ( // Katie Sparks (

*A table will be set up for attendees to provide bookmarks or other swag/giveaways, but to avoid those who attend to feel pressured to buy, we ask that you do not bring any books to sell. 
**However, we will be providing everyone with a list of stand-up authors names, book titles, websites, social media (Twitter/Facebook) accounts, and any other contact information should you be want to follow-up with them afterwards.




  1. I just signed up! Not sure what I'm doing yet, but I'll be there :-)