Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: One Smart Cookie by Kym Brunner

One Smart Cookie
By Kym Brunner

Here's a story sure to intrigue readers who fell in love with the worlds built Sarah Dessen and E. Lockhart. It's a (sweet!) bite right out of reality!

Author Kym Brunner's new YA book, Once Smart Cookie, is a refreshing, diverse take on the typical contemporary teenage love story filling bookshelves today. Sixteen-year-old Sophie Dumbrowski pulls readers in immediately with her relatable and often very humorous personality and outlook on life. Her situation consisting of no boyfriend and a best friend whose focus is solely on her new man = one sizzle less summer. 

In Sophie's eyes, she can't take the heat anymore -- and decides to get out of the kitchen. Er, bakery, that is. Living above her mother-owned pastry and coffee shop is just the icing on top of the kolacky. In hopes to appease her spirit-conjuring grandmother and hopefully snap a boyfriend, Sophie makes a deal with the love-seeking spirit, Dola. But when she encounters two boys in one day, Sophie is left to wonder if her luck is finally about to change or if Dola's magic is in full effect. With Gio, a suave, Italian gentleman and Nick, a sexy, polish (!) bad boy, how will Sophie choose?! 

Sophie's use of profanity, sexual reflection and emotional mindset seemed spot on for a female teenager of today. In a world when technology dominates every teenager's life, Brunner made sure to weave in just the right amount of text messaging without it seeming contrived at all. She's a bit on the klutzy side, but any girl who has been in the same situation as Sophie will find her perfectly endearing! Adding Busia, a hardworking, yet loving grandmother and Sophie's scantily dressed mother, adds even more flavor to the story, sure to incite much laughter.

As the summer progresses and Sophie learns to like both guys for different reasons, she is left wondering which path is right. Should she stick with Gio, a sweet guy who is more her type, or stay open minded and continue to see adventurous Nick? Will Dola figure it out for her or is it all up to Sophie? 

Make the decision and pick up this book and you'll be, well, one smart cookie!

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