Wednesday, October 8, 2014

*Reality Natalie* Teaser #1

As promised, several teasers of my upcoming middle grade novel, Reality Natalie, will be featured on my blog.  I will not be announcing these days, so please make sure to come back and check for more!

Also, be sure to check out for posts from Natalie herself!!

Teaser #1:


If I didn’t hurry, it would start. Without me.

My legs burned and cramped as I sped up. I winced in pain. Don’t slow down. Bursting through the front door, I dropped my backpack and sweater to the floor. I paused for a millisecond as I passed the kitchen.

No time for a snack. I’d rather starve than miss this surprise announcement. I half-sprinted/half-hobbled through the hallway and into the family room.

“HeyMomHeyDadSchoolWasGreatThanks,” I said in one big rush. I grabbed the remote and clicked the ON button. The TV screen lit up before me. 

There they were.

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