Tuesday, October 14, 2014

*Reality Natalie* Teaser #2

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Reality Natalie will FINALLY be released! Both eBook and print will be available to order!

Teaser #2:

“I have an announcement to make,” I said loudly. “You’ve decided to become the next president?” Dad piped up, walking back into the room. “I always thought President Greyson had a nice ring to it.”

“Actually no. But personally, I think my news is just as cool, if not better.” I nodded for emphasis.

Mom shooed Chase and Sydney toward the stairs. “Go put your clothes in the hamper. I’ll be up in a second to give you guys a bath.”

“Me first!” Sydney squealed, running after Chase. With the twins finally gone, I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. “I have decided to try out to become a guest talk show host.”

“Have you?” Dad asked. I pulled out the announcement from the Kidz Konnection website I had printed off earlier. “Remember? Channel 10 is holding a contest to find a Kidz Konnection guest host.” 

Mom adjusted her glasses and looked over Dad’s shoulder, her lips slightly moving as she skimmed the article. She raised her eyebrows the way she does whenever she is about to say absolutely not. I took a deep breath and cracked my knuckles. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the microwave clock tick over to 6:58.


“Well,” Dad said after what felt like an eternity.

“Hmm,” Mom said.

These were not encouraging sounds. The last time my parents said back-to-back words of “well” and “hmm”, I was forced to keep an eye on Chase and Sydney for an entire afternoon while Mom watched “The Sound of Music” in the family room and Dad went golfing. 

Every time a song came on, Mom would sing at the top of her lungs. If the “hills came alive” once more, I was going to puke. I drummed my fingers on the table, glancing at Mom and Dad as they perused the piece of paper. Maybe if I stared long and hard enough, I could somehow use mind control to force them to say “yes”.

But, mind control is not one of my talents.

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